News Speed Up Again! Shenkai WD Reaps New Achievements in Shale Gas Development
Speed Up Again! Shenkai WD Reaps New Achievements in Shale Gas Development

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Recently, good news came from a shale gas project team in Southwest China, the first national shale gas demonstration zone, that Shenkai Measurement, with its professional service skills and high reliability of equipment, successfully completed part of the drilling parameter enhancement in this block and directional well condition service while drilling,achieved good results without failure and reasonable directional trajectory control throughout the whole process while drilling, shortened the construction period by one-third and accelerated the development of shale gas, which was highly praised by customers.


Compared with conventional gas, the exploration and development of shale gas proves far more difficult, and the "winner" of its commercial development lies in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. To this end, improvement on drilling speed is one of the important means, and "one-trip drilling" of ultra-long horizontal sections and enhancement of drilling parameters are important starting points. At present, the directional construction while drilling in the southwest work area faces many challenges such as long time, high bit pressure, high vibration and high displacement. Conventional downhole instruments will, under harsh working conditions with enhanced drilling parameters, increase the probability of failure, leading to tripping-out and other stoppages, which will seriously affect the drilling timeliness and increase customer costs. In view of this, it is imminent to develop a more stable, reliable and durable instrument while drilling.


In response to the challenge of enhanced drilling parameters, Shenkai Measurement focuses on instrument and process upgrading. After optimizing and integrating resources, it has configured the SK-TMWD system with high reliability, high quality and high adaptability to working conditions and the gamma probe instrument combination with leading reliability. With the full cooperation of the technical team and the service team, Shenkai has, as of now, constructed a total of 24 horizontal wells for this block, including 8 with a depth of more than 5 kilometers and 5 with a depth of more than 6 kilometers, with the cycling temperature reaching up to 130°C. The accumulative downhole duration was 6,000 hours without failure, indicating that the service while drilling was successfully completed.

The SK-TMWD system configured for downhole use is an MWD system compatible with the Tensor standard. The SK-TMWD system adopts high-precision directional sensors and advanced algorithms. The orientation is fast and accurate, the temperature resistance of the system is as high as 175°C, and it can be flexibly matched with various motor-driven/hydraulic-mechanical pulsers with a lower key or upper suspension, making it applicable to normal-and high-temperature wells in conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development. The Tensor standard is widely recognized globally especially in North America.

The SK-TMWD system, derived from the core technology and rigorous process of GE Tensor, is a result of the strategic cooperation between Shenkai and GE in global LWD technology. To adapt to the harsh working conditions in China, Shenkai has upgraded and improved the technology and process of the instrument for several years, continuously enhancing product quality, reliability and adaptability to working conditions, while also carrying forward the inherent advantages of the system, such as high measurement accuracy and advanced algorithms. At present, the SK-TMWD system has become a strong performer of the global Tensor compatible system.


Over the years, Shenkai Measurement has been committed to continuously developing measurement-while-drilling and logging instruments that adapt to China's operating environment of enhanced drilling parameters, optimizing materials, design, process, manufacturing and quality, and improving instrument performance and reliability. Looking ahead, the Company will continue to follow the high-end guidance, provide customers with high-quality product and service experience, and make due contributions to the cost reduction and efficiency increase of China's shale oil and gas!

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