News Fast! Convenient! Shenkai "NMR" Mud Logging Instrument Achieves Large-scale Application
Fast! Convenient! Shenkai "NMR" Mud Logging Instrument Achieves Large-scale Application

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Recently, news came from Shanghai Shenkai Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. that Shenkai's new generation of portable NMR logging instrument SKNM12, after completing the on-site nuclear magnetic logging service work of Southwest Oil & Gasfield in the Dazhou area of Sichuan and that of Qinghai Oilfield in the Ganchaigou area, had successively entered Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Hubei and other major exploration and development areas for large-scale application.

Fast! Convenient! Fast! Convenient! Shenkai

Over the years, the NMR technology in petroleum exploration and development has been applied to interpret the lithology, physical properties and oil-gas-water properties of reservoirs mainly through laboratory testing, providing key parameters for reservoir evaluation.  Due to the large size, heavy weight and high price of laboratory NMR equipment, it takes a long time to transport the core from the site and analyze it in the laboratory. During this process, some parameters (such as oil and gas loss) will change, thus affecting the accuracy of subsequent measurement parameters for reservoir evaluation.

The new generation of portable NMR logging instrument SKNM12 can conveniently measure the core (rock debris) nuclear magnetic T2 spectrum, nuclear magnetic porosity, oil saturation, permeability, pore size distribution and other important reservoir-related parameters in a timely manner. It can also play a very important role in the identification and evaluation of oil, gas and water layers, geological stuck layers, reservoir description, reserve calculation and development plan formulation, etc. Moreover, the measurement results can be obtained on the day of sampling so as to realize rapid evaluation of reservoirs.


Focusing on customer needs and seeking to improve user experience, Shenkai Petroleum Technology upgrades its products through continuous innovation to provide more advanced equipment and application technologies for drilling production sites. The powerful functions and good application experience of the new generation of portable NMR mud logging instrument SKNM12 have played an important role in increasing reserves and production in major oilfields.

In the future, Shenkai Petroleum Technology will continue to strengthen the application and market expansion of the new generation of portable NMR logging instrument in major oilfields and, oriented towards customer needs, promote efficient development of oilfields and boost the rapid development of China's oil and gas industry.

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