News SHENKAI Attended the 2023 OTC
SHENKAI Attended the 2023 OTC

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The 53rd OTC was held in Houston from May 1 to May 4. It has received positive response from the industry and attracted more than 1000 companies and institutions from over 40 countries and regions, including nearly 30 Chinese manufacturers and well-known foreign companies such as Schlumberger and Baker Hughes.

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Shenkai has made its 15th appearance at the OTC since 1969. The company team has worked closely and collaboratively at this exhibition, and new breakthroughs in promotion have been achieved: a large area booth in the central area of the indoor venue was selected for the first time, and the large-diameter fracturing valve and Shenkai’s latest automatic oil dispenser were displayed in physical form for the first time, and a complete product line from upstream oil exploration and development to downstream oil product processing was presented through a new image of Shenkai.

During the exhibition, Shenkai’s booth has attracted new and old customers from drilling companies and service companies from major oil and gas producing regions around the world, including the Middle East, the Americas, and Africa. The BOPs, pressure valves (fracturing valves), instruments and logging products displayed by Shenkai have received widespread attention from customers, with ongoing technical exchanges and business negotiations. 


For the demand and development trend of oil and gas field operations in the international market, Shenkai can provide:

1. Solutions for Ultra High Pressure and High Temperature (Ultra Deep Well) Well Control Equipment

Diameter range: 7 1/16" -30"(179mm - 762mm)

Pressure range: max. pressure 25000psi(172.4MPa)

Temperature range: max. 350℉(177℃)


2. Fracturing and Intelligent Control Valve Solutions

Pressure rating: max. 20000psi

Material grade: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH

Product specification level: PSL1, PSL2, PSL3 (PSL3G), PSL4


3. Chromatographic Logging Solutions

For the identification of thinner oil and gas layers, with increasing drilling speed, the resolution of the formation can be improved by shortening the chromatographic analysis cycle. In order to reduce the pipeline delay time, the chromatograph is moved from the instrument room to the vicinity of the vibrating screen to achieve near wellbore explosion-proof analysis; online continuous analysis of light hydrocarbons can be provided for identifying the heavy oil reservoirs and reservoir water content. The instrument adopts a new modular structural design and high-precision electronic pressure control (EPC) technology. Fast online detection of C1~C5 for 30 seconds can be achieved, and the detection sensitivity of each component can reach 1 μ mol/mol(1ppm).


4. Solutions for Fuel Oil Testing 

Shenkai full-automatic sample dispenser is automatically configured with standard fuel and calibration fuel required for octane number and cetane number determination by using the principle of quality method sample preparation. The device is equipped with an imported high-precision dynamic electronic balance, with the software to automatically calculate and control the entire sample preparation process. It can also intelligently pump oil from the external oil tank to replenish the oil storage tank, and configure various reference fuels for users in a continuous, accurate, quick, and safe manner. 


At this OTC exhibition, Shenkai has meticulously designed its booth to ensure the exhibition effect, further consolidating and enhancing the fame and influence of SHENKAI in the international market. With accelerating recovery of the oil and gas industry, and enormous potential of the overseas market, it is believed that Shenkai will definitely seize the opportunity and continue to expand in the future international market.  


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