Talent Training
Focus on energy technology
Looking forward to grow together with you
We are passionate about finding solutions and are committed to constantly exploring new technologies to achieve self-transcendence
Partner Era
Equity incentive plans of listed companies
Make concerted efforts to delve into the mountains and seas. We always adhere to the training and growth of our talents, and keep a foothold in domestic market with a global perspective, continuing to recruit and retain outstanding talents.

Since 2021, the company has implemented the employee stock ownership plan and officially entered the era of Shenkai Partnership. We look forward to working with you to propel the rapid development of the oil and gas industry.
Team Mien
Work with team members·work happily·and grow together
Care Giving

Shoulder responsibility with love, warming the people around you and me

Humanistic care

Diversified activities to experience the warmth of “home”

Culture and Sports

Keep fit, enjoy life and work happily

Company Celebration

Witness the brilliance, and join hand in hand to embark on a new journey

Red Journey

Devote our hearts to the Party, and grow healthily under the sunrise

Professional training

Professional empowerment, leading employees to maintain competitiveness at all times

Healthy diet

Delicacy and freshness for the rejoice of a moment of relaxation with healthy food

Comfortable Office Environment

Warm and comfortable, a relaxed and efficient working atmosphere

Employee Mien
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